8 Ocak 2010 Cuma

Towodo Software Instant Backup v1.4

Towodo Software Instant Backup lets you backup your important data fast and easy from/to a Network, CD-RW, ZIP, JAZ or any other drive. The backed up files are stored separately, with the same hierarchy as in the source. You can specify filters for folders and file extensions to include/exclude. The built-in customizable scheduler can automate the backup and notify you by email when it has completed. In the backup summary you will get a full report over what files where added, updated, deleted as well as their size and ********.
- Setup files and folders quickly using the easy-to-understand graphical user interface.
- Create filters to include or exclude certain file extensions from backup.
- Get detailed reports over files that have been added, modified or deleted.
- Use the built-in scheduler to run backup actions in background at certain time intervals.
- Create multiple backup sets for different types of backup files.
- Use the built-in log system to get detailed information over previous backup actions
DownloadLink: http://rapidshare.com/files/17476820..._v1.4_TURK.rar

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